Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Busy and safe

I know that I am too far behind in reporting on our adventures to continue to consider myself a blogger.  Good thing C is up to the task.

I am unimaginably busy trying to catch up on months of lost time, now that the project is finally moving along and my deadline approaches much too soon.  In addition, power cuts are much more frequent lately, sometimes lasting most of the day and night.  (We have our lovely battery to run a fan, but it's not enough for the computer or much else.)

This quick check in is to reassure anyone who has seen the news of yesterday's train collision in West Bengal, that we are entirely uninvolved.  This is another heart-breaking tragedy.  Currently, it seems that it is entirely coincidental that it took place in West Bengal, and sabotage is not suspected.

Thousands of trains run all over India without incident.  It's a wonderful system parts of which the US might do well to copy.  As we all know, the more trains, the more opportunity for error.  I am saddened, but not frightened.

For any of you who have insomnia and recognize this post from C's blog, I mistakenly posted to hers.


Betsy said...

Glad to hear all is OK. Miss you much.

sRw said...

i, too, am happy you are safe and OK

Anonymous said...

As you can imagine, we are too.
Pipa and grandma

sRw said...

let us know when ford-san has arrived safely...